The Club in the Local Media

Local MediaThe Traditional Football Club has became increasingly popular also because of the influence of the local media and press. The impact which press has on the people’s opinion is very important and the football club’s owners were well aware about this when they started to realize that the club was growing quite fast. Indeed, in its history, the club had some mixed reviews, mainly because of the gender equality policy, but in its entirety, it has been enjoying a strong public acclaim.

Right after its initial debut during the First World War, the Traditional Football Club quickly started to become more and more famous, first at the grace of the locals, who ensured that the word spread quickly and then, after the wars were over, thanks to the local newspapers and magazines. The fact that so many people came there made their club a place well known it the country, as a “refuge” for those who love football and wish to know other passionate people and spend a wonderful time together.

However, if one ponders about the critique that the club has received, the only elements that had caused any public uproar were the gender equality rules that were adopted by the club’s founders. This alone contributed tremendously to receiving mixed opinions from the public. Nevertheless, the club’s owners always stood by their decisions and they were never influenced by the many public critical comments. Responsibility for their decisions has been a core concept in their contribution to the Traditional Football Club’s history.

The local newspaper has been contributing with positive reviews and ever since the club was still in its “infancy” the paper has always provided only positive reviews, which made the club’s owners continue their initiative and gain the necessary public trust for keeping their plans on track.

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