Special Offers for Seniors

Special Offers for SeniorsIf children can play football, so can seniors. They will have a blast and enjoy themselves while playing soccer at the club. All people over 50 years of age can register for the special Senior Footballer offer, which bestows upon them several predefined packets with training sessions, free play and meal tickets at the football club’s canteen.

Providing special treatment to elders, retirees and those who are over 50 years of age was an idea by the football club’s owners when they realized that there are so many seniors out there who appreciate the sport and are already playing it wherever they can and whenever they can. This was especially noticeable during the First and Second World wars, when more than 60% of the people who attained the football club for this wonderful sport were elders.

This led the owners to consider this and as soon as they had enough resources, they dedicated a special part of the football activity to seniors and elders. Years later, after the war ended and the club received its independence as a venue, the owners finally had the financial power to offer special treatment to elders who attended the club. The gender equality policy applies here as well and both male and female elders are welcome at the football club.

The registration method is the same, elders being able to either use the online form or they can also come to the football club’s facilities here they will be guided by the training staff to register them promptly. In comparison with regular training session prices and packages, elders will benefit from a 65% discount for all services and the regardless of the chosen training package, they will have several meal tickets for free. These tickets can be used only inside the football club’s canteen.

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