Keeping in Touch Has Never Been Easier

Keeping in TouchEveryone is welcome to contact the Traditional Football Club and its owners and staff members encourage all people to communicate with them by any means possible. On this special page that offers a dedicated form for contact, one will be able to find multiple options for contacting the club. The special contact form allows one to input his or her personal data, select an area of interest and write the comment or text one wants to pass along to the club. The Traditional Football Club’s owners have always had firm beliefs in communication with people and precisely because of this reason, they have decided to provide their own email addresses, social network account names and more importantly their telephone numbers.

No one’s thoughts are too small or too big to be left ignored and this mentality is another core concept in the football club’s owners’ policy. Because of this reason, they invite anyone to contact them personally, as they would like to hear any opinion or thought towards the football club. By hearing others’ opinions, they believe that they will be able to improve the football club’s functioning and achieve an increased development, since the people’s thoughts often hide valuable insight into what could be improved.

Furthermore, for those who use social networks frequently, the club also offers several pages that allow users to post texts, images or other media content, initiate threads and comment freely on items and discussions. Over the telephone, the club can be reached day-and-night, thanks to the special call operators that work in shifts, in order to ensure that all customers and interested persons can reach the club, at any hour. Therefore, the Traditional Football Club’s owners and staff encourage you one more time to contact them, as they are eager to know other people who are passionate about football.

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