Gratitude to Numerous Sponsors

SponsoringThe owners of the football club, together with its staff members, would like to express their gratitude towards their numerous and generous sponsors, which contributed immensely to achieving the goals and targets of the football club. Without their priceless help, the Traditional Football Club wouldn’t have managed to become what it is today.

Right from the start of its long journey, the football club was sponsored in some way and although it wasn’t in an official form, the mayor and local authorities played an important role in the club’s development process. Since those who helped the club’s owners also shared the passion for football, there’s no wonder how they never hesitated in offering a helping hand for the club’s growth.

All the funds that were required for holding training sessions, offering maintenance for the field and the adjacent facilities, were initially entirely provided by the local mayor and its acolytes. Because of this, the club’s owners have managed to develop the Traditional Football Club much faster and increase their popularity much quicker that if they had relied entirely on their own financial power. To this day, the club’s staff and its current owners still remain entirely grateful for those who helped them in this wonderful journey that continues to this day.

Once the two wars were over and things became more accessible and permissive, the club began to benefit from even more support, this time from outside its country borders. All over the world, the owners made multiple friends and connections, who, in the end resulted in a great deal of partnerships and sponsorships which fed the economical requirements of the club. As a sign of gratitude, in order to return the received services, the Traditional Football Club offers 5 yearly free memberships for young aspirants who are passionate about football and wish to pursue a career in this sport.

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