Getting to Know the Football Club’s History

Football Club's HistoryAs specified in the introductory page, the football club’s history goes way back to the times of the First World War, when a few joyous people decided to start their own “venue” and set up a place where people could meet, play football, learn from others and even bring their children with them to take part in these activities.

At that particular time, setting up a club where one could practice this sport was something of a bold choice. Luckily, several of the initial founders of the club were close friends with the mayor and were able to obtain all the necessary permits, approvals and licenses to have a sports club in no time. Once they established the club, they knew that they had embarked on a dangerous journey, because if their activity had have been discovered by the military or the government, not only would they have been forced to abandon the club, but they also would have risked going to prison for hosting activities which were not helping the war efforts.

Therefore, one could say that the club was created by taking a great risk and that its founding members actually put their lives in danger when establishing the club. Many years later, when looking back on their initiative, the the current club owners praise the original decision and state that the founding members made a great choice.

Nevertheless, one must wonder what was the driving force that made them start the football club in the first place. And the answer couldn’t be simpler: their passion for this sport and the desire to unshackle themselves from the chains of the routine of war times. Bearing such reasons in mind, one comprehends their intentions much easier and there’s no doubt that such an initiative was definitely a good thing.

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