Gender Equality – Football for Girls at the Club

Gender Equality - Football for Girls at the ClubOne of the main characteristics of this football club is that it offers equal chances to both men and women. This policy was decided a long time ago, when the founding members made sure that no gender favoritism would take place in their football club. To that end, they decreed a set of internal rules which function inside the club and which offer equal rights to boys and girls alike. This means that all girls and women are welcome at joining the club, playing football and enrolling in the training process.

Of course, since they have decided to offer gender equality at the club, the owners also made sure that females will not receive special treatment and will undergo the same training process and structuring that is offered for men and boys. To some this might not be acceptable, but it is the way that the owners see things and ultimately they are the ones who are deciding how things are functioning at the club. Of course, the media had a particular interest in their extreme opinion of offering the same training for men and those who are curious can navigate on the dedicated page and read more about the appearances of the club in press.

The same registration procedures apply and in order to offer full transparency of the training process that women and girls undergo at the football club, the staff constantly maintains detailed logs and results which are offered publicly for performance analysis or just for debate. Being the only club in the region who offers such services, the Traditional Football Club was seen by far as “non-traditional”, but its owners have nothing against it; quite the contrary, they cherish public opinion and wish that other clubs join their initiative and star offering training for everyone as well.

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