A Few Words About the Football Club’s Staff

staff membersWhen one arrives at the grounds of the football club, he or she might expect to be picked up by the staff members and taken to the designated entry area. One could not be more wrong, as the club’s main policy involves a healthy attitude and constant sport for everyone, which means that people who come here will have to maintain an independent attitude, care for themselves and only interact with the staff when registering, entering the club or in the training sessions.

This strategy was first introduced when the founding members started to realize the benefits of offering people a way to express themselves by doing things on their own and this way ultimately doing more movements and attaining a healthier lifestyle. Such aspects became quickly apparent when the club was still in its “teenage years”, during the Second World War, when the increasingly growing number of people who came constantly demanded assistance, not for the training part, but for services, such as parking valets, concierge, etc. This gave the owners some serious thoughts and eventually they have decided to make the club’s policy include full independence for those who attended it.

Of course, this didn’t meant that no staff was required, but quite the contrary actually, the available staff was available in greater numbers for the training sessions and teaching. This was ultimately the goal of the founding members; to create a sort of football academy, where parents could bring their children and allow them to learn football from the best.

All the staff members are either former professional football players or simply past members who decided to stay with the club and offer a helping hand in the training process. The club’s owners have ensured that all the staff in charge of football training have gone through the proper preparation.

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